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HIVE Virtual Reality Arcade is now open in the lobby!

A new "key" player in the Toronto escape scene.

One hour rooms for when 45 minutes doesn't satisfy.

Standard Admission is $28 per player.

4-8 Player Group Size. Contact us for details about 2-3 player specials.

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Outbreak Escape Games is located at 152 Avenue Road, TO. The entrance is in the alley at the left side of the building. Parking is on Davenport, $2.25 per hour, free after 9pm. Outbreak is proud to welcome Hive Arcade VIRTUAL REALITY to the lobby.

A New Portal Has Appeared!

Life goes on behind concrete walls. Descend into a mystery within a 1950's style fallout shelter in the small English town of Marshfield. Escape reality and discover what lies beneath the surface at Outbreak EG.

A New Portal Has Appeared!

Through a very controlled and very technical process, Outbreak has been managing spreading void radiation in the lobby to spawn safe new portal doorways. A second portal has opened and is currently being managed for public exploration! This will be a relatively short process! More details coming soon.

Outbreak is proud to welcome Hive Arcade to the lobby!

Hive Arcade offers 30+ Virtual Reality experiences to the public, as well as friendly, knowledgeable customer service to help get you started. From games, to simulations, to apps, Hive Arcade has the latest offerings to transport you to the leading of edge of technology. The future is now! Stay connected to the hottest and newest Virtual Reality experiences with Hive Arcade!

Board Game and Video Games Available Now in the Lobby!

Hang around before or after your escape experience and play a few games with your friends! For only $3 per person/hour, you can enjoy our library of board games and video games, including the Nintendo Switch, PS3, Gamecube, and Dreamcast. Admission to our library is only $2 when booking an escape room or VR on the same day.

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  •  Ages 16+ - 4-8 Players
  •   $28 Per Person
  •   1 Hour Room
  •   4/5 Star Difficulty
  •   Immersive, Story-Driven & Tech Savvy
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  •   Ages 8+ - 2-5 Players
  •   $23 Per Person
  •   1 Hour Room
  •   4/5 Star Difficulty
  •   Immersive, Story-Driven & Tech Savvy

Toronto Reviews

See Full Review "GM Lawrence was great to chat with and seems passionate about storytelling in escape rooms... The room is HUGE, so large groups will have no problems fitting in here. If you love story and immersion, Beneath the Surface is a great room to try out."

Escape Games Review 5+

See Full Review "An amazing balance of story development, lighting design, and the use of audio unite resulting in a strong immersion factor... The lighting design in the room reacts to the progression of the story, and adds to the ambiance; one of the best uses of lighting we’ve seen up to this point."

Esc Room Addict 8.1/10

See Full Review "The narration is one part that majority of escape rooms usually ignore or put less effort in. The fact that Outbreak put effort and time into structuring the story line really impressed me... I can’t want for their second room to come out and try it again. This is one of my best escape experiences."

Escapin Guru 8.8/10

See Full Review "...the immersion begins as you enter the lobby. You feel as though you’ve entered some secret shelter, which is the setting for this game. Even the rules cater to this immersion, which is a nice added touch. You’ll know what I mean when you go try it out."

Escapers 4G 9.2/10


Our number is 416-700-7824 - Get in touch about anything from General Inquiries, to corporate events, to birthdays!