Are you looking for the ultimate team building event for your organization? Perhaps you have heard through the news, or from a friend, that escape rooms are the hottest new way to improve teamwork, while having an experience that is thrilling, emotional, and FUN. Perhaps you have played for yourself, so you know first hand. Have you played here, at Outbreak Escape Games? We’ve got you covered. Quality escape games are what we do. You want a premium team building experience, and that’s why we are here, always striving to offer a deft, personal touch. We offer two thoughtfully crafted escape experiences, which challenge the highest standards in the city, and are always story-forward: Beneath the Surface is a fallout shelter mystery, and Animal Hackers is a whimsical space-tech adventure.

Two options are available for your group:

  1. Choose one escape game, for up to 10 players ($250+HST).
  2. Choose two escape games, for up to 20 players ($500+HST)

These options are available, weekdays, from noon to 5:00pm.

Please check out our BOOK NOW button for more details.